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This site was born on January 1, 2008, and is hopefully the beginning of a great forum.  This site came about because of the great people we have met at diesel meets and what a great (small) group of people we have in Oklahoma.  It seems in the larger sites that there always so few of us that is hard to get the enthusiasm across that we feel.  So first we came up with, then we decided to open it up to the Heartland (all states touching Oklahoma and plus those generally within an 8 hour drive of Ponca City, Oklahoma) - there are a few of us in all these states that are on the internet (cause we all know there is a TON of diesels in these states), but are scattered among the loads of diesel forums out there. As it has been said over and over, this is not a replacement in any way, shape, or form of any national site. Just a place for those like us, near us, to hang out and have fun!  We are two young parents that have busy lives, we don’t have the time for a national site, nor do we need one or want one, there are plenty out there.  There wasn’t a Heartland area club, so we decided to fill that void for all our fellow diesel lovers of all kinds to have a place to call “home”. 

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